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Christmas Art Fairs 2019

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Things are already getting pretty busy!!!

Christmas fair events and gallery exhibitions mean the the next couple of months are non stop!!

So, a wee list of events…..



16th November, Tea Green Events, Kibble Palace, Glasgow ( I’ll be at this event on the 16th, November)

Sat, Nov 16 – Sun, Nov 17, 2019


Green Gallery, Buchlyvie

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I’ll be over at the Green Gallery Big Weekend on Sunday 19th, May. I’ll be doing a wee painting workshop from 12.00-1.30 and I’ll also have a stand where I’ll have a range of small paintings, coasters, prints and cards.The Big Weekend is full of art workshops, yoga, food and stalls. It’s only a few miles from Stirling . There’s free parking and free entry. Looking forward to this it’s going to be a busy weekend!


Exhibition at The Line Gallery , Linlithgow

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I’m delighted to be asked back to The line Gallery, Linlithgow to exhibit my work alongside Morag Lloyds. The exhibition runs from Saturday , 18th May to Thurdsay 7th June. I’ll have a range of artwork from smaller paintings to larger pieces alongside prints, coasters, tile art and cards. I’ll be there  on Saturday afternoon 2-4pm……:)

Open studio’s …paintings

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What a great weekend at the start of open studios. The weekend was busy with a constant flow of lovely people taking the time to come and visit. My two kittens behaved themselves….which was a relief. I had images of them scaling people’s legs!

It was great to meet so many people and quite a few painting’s went off to a new home.

I will be open again on Wednesday and next weekend….please see link. Today l am spending the day painting in the studio working towards upcoming exhibiton’sDSCN6232DSCN6267DSCN6220


New paintings, art prints and lots more!!

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So, only over two weeks to go until l open my doors for open studios!

I have been concentrating on new artwork…big and small, bright and cheery, calm and blue. Also, available will be mounted prints, new framed tiles, cards , cushions and coasters.

I am a little nervous that the only people through the door will be the ones i’ve paid to come… 😉 I am  a bit out of the way compared to all the other artists and designers taking part, so over the weekend I will be mailing lots of people and inviting them and roping in other friends to spread the word!

My studio( smallest bedroom in the house) will be prepared for guests with artwork hung in a erm gallery type fashion .I had a clearout over the weekend..and l feel l can breathe in there again ( artists studios do get very messy).  I’m also going to use my kitchen/diner ( I know, not very glamorous) and change this fabulous space into Nikki’s art gallery. This will entail some prep before hand-

  1. Deep clean ( I have a two year old that likes to smear yoghurt everywhere and a 10 year old who drops everything at his feet)
  2.  Removal of any dangerous objects that may cause injury! (ie. Peppa Pig stuff, parts of jigsaws, games, dolls, x box controllers and the 10 or so footballs that seem to live with us in the house)
  3. Take down all existing artwork and rehang mine.Have everything else organised, mounted prints, price list,art framed……etc,etc,etc
  4. Tidy garden and hang some  nice living flowers! ( This will be my partners job)
  5. Dye my hair…roots are showing 🙂
  6. Have a word with my two kittens..’Please don’t claw up anyone’s legs pussy cats and cause lacerations’!
  7. Make sure my public liability is up to date!

…it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks! x